Camps Hill Primary School

 Letters to Parents  (September 2019-July 2020)   

Year 6 Yearbook

Seals Museum Letter

Dolphins Museum Letter

 Year 6 Parents Evenin

 KS2 SATs Information Evening Letter

 Year 5 Museum Trip Letter

 Camps Hill Activity Clubs Spring 2020 Letter

 Times Table Rockstars Letter

 Winter Wonderland Letter

 The Christmas Journey Letter

 Phonics Information Session Letter

 The Little Blue Star Costume Letter Dormice

 The Little Blue Star Costume Letter Voles

 The Little Blue Star Costume Letter Ladybirds

 The Little Blue Star Costume Letter Bees

 Get your grown ups gardening

 Cinema Letter

 Parents Evening Letter

 Royal Opera House Letter

 Year 2 Dress Up Day

 Forest School Letter

 Year 6 Booster Club Letter

 Letter Join

 Fundraising Letter (Christmas card, mug & products)

 Year 4 Swimming Letter

Book Fair Letter 

 Yr 1 Florence Nightingale Dress up day 2019

  Yr 6 Crucial Crew Letter 2019

 Yr 6 Stubbers Letter 

 Yr 3 Town Planner Letter

 School Photographs Letter

 Yr 2 Local Walk Letter

  Movie Night Poster

 Yr 3 Museum Letter

Tiny Toes Herts Catering Letter

Acorns & Nursery After School Club Letter





Letters to Parents (September 2018-July 2019)  

 Yr 2 SAT's Party letter

Transition letter for Nursery moving up to Reception 2019

 Reception Pet day letter 2019

 Acorns Sports Day letter 2019

 Heads safety procedure Letter to whole school

Yr 6 Swimming and water safety Letter

 Whole School 'Transition Meetings' Letter

 Yr 5 Stubbers 2020 trip meeting Letter

 June 2019 Book Fair Letter

 Yr 1 Fairlands Valley Park Letter

 Yr 5 and 6 Park Letter from Mrs Flawn

 Yr 6 'All Events' Letter

 Yr 6 SATS parents evening letter

 Yr 4 Reading challenge letter

 Camps Hill does the 90's letter

 Boys football match Shephalbury Park 2019 letter

 Yr 3 Roald Dahl Museum trip letter

 Yr 6 'Camps Hill Camps In' 2019 letter

 Titanic Letter

 Yr 1 Space Dress up Day

Rainbow Day Letter 2019

Bubble colour run letter 2019

 Big STEAM event letter to Yr5 and Yr6

 Book Fair Letter March 2019

"Camps Hill Has Got Talent" (Yr 1 - Yr 6) 

Letter - Join

Yr 4 Swimming letter to parents

Clubs letter to parents - Spring 2019

Yr 6 Mock SAT's letter to parents

Christmas Dinner Letter 2018

Hand, foot and mouth letter to Nursery/ Preschool parents

Christmas Pottery Painting Letter to Parents

Christmas Performances to Parents Letter 2018

Nursery and Acorns Christmas Show Letter to Parents

Great Fire of London Letter to Parents (Yr 2)

Mr Tavernier leaving

Herts County Dance Festival Letter (Yr 5)

Play Leaders and Peer Mediators letter (Yr 5 and 6) 

Autumn Term Clubs Letter to Parents
Stevenage FC (External Club) Booking Info Leaflet

Stevenage FC (External Club) CHS Information
Identity Dance Street Dance (External Club)
Identity Dance Ballet (External Club)
Forest School - Reception
Forest School - Y1
Forest School - Y2
Forest School - Y4
Forest School - Y5
Forest School - Y6
Cycling Training
Y6 Camps Hill Camps In Delay

Yr 2 Knebworth House Letter 2019

Reception Shepreth Wildlife park trip letter 2019

Yr 5 '5 Live' Day/Shuttleworth trip letter 2019

Yr 6 STUBBERS TRIP - Parent Meeting, May 2019

Yr 6 STUBBERS TRIP - Kit List 2019

Yr 4 Verulamium Museum trip letter 2019

Rye Meads Wildlife Sanctuary Letter 2019

Crucial Crew Letter to Parents 2018

Yr 6 Easter Bridgebuilders Trip

Yr 5 West Stow Trip

Letter to Stevenage Museum Y3




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