Pastoral Care

At Camps Hill we believe in teaching the 'whole child'. Nurture, care and protective behaviours underpin all aspects of education at our school.

Our Pastoral Care Team led by Mrs Richardson has special responsibility for providing support to the children and their families who may find home, school, relationships and managing their feelings difficult.  Our Team work closely with all external agencies to improve outcomes for our families.

The school also has a full time 'Jigsaw Worker'; Mrs Richardson who works alongside children who are learning to manage change and further to this supports their families.

Please feel free to contact the Pastoral Team through the switchboard or pop into the office next to the reception desk.

The 'Well Being' team delivers various therapies and interventions such as art therapy, worry workshops and protective behaviour sessions.

The school has a programme of Circle Time and PSHE lessons which allow children to share ideas and talk through difficulties that may arise. Children are supported to resolve conflict and make the right choices.

Pupil voice is used to drive forward school improvement and allow children ownership in their learning environment.