Enabling pupils to be life-long learners by instilling positive learning behaviours through our Camps Hill Values. Helping children to be successful beyond school by teaching them life skills through our Silver threads curriculum. Teaching pupils how to grow into positive members of the community through our spiral, progressive whole school scheme that has a focus on developing emotional literacy. Creating a sense of belonging within our school, local, national and global community and developing understanding of their rights and responsibilities as a citizen of the world.


At Camps Hill, we teach PSHCE through discreet lessons using the Jigsaw scheme and supplementary resources. We adhere to the statutory duties for the teaching of Relationship and Sex education. Please see the policy below. Through wellbeing week and WOW events, we enable children to access experiences they may not otherwise have the opportunity to. We have weekly assemblies across the school and our values are woven through all of our curriculum areas. Children have a voice through our children’s leadership team (school council) and eco council. All staff model the use of protective behaviours and a therapeutic approach to managing feelings and behaviours.

How we measure impact:

Key skills and knowledge for each year group is published in our PSHCE progression map. At the end of each unit, children are assessed against this criteria. 

At the end of each academic year children are assessed as either working towards these age related expectations, working at these expectations, or exceeding them. These are recorded on our whole school tracking system. 

Silver threads (life skills for each age range) are identified for all year groups and information is logged to ensure that any gaps can be closed in the next academic year. 



Skills Wheels: