At Camps Hill we aim to develop excited readers by providing opportunities for all to access a wide range and variety of high quality texts and to develop the key skills of reading to create confident, independent readers throughout their lives. 


  • Discrete phonics sessions (see phonics tab under curriculum)
  • Phonics first as an approach to read and decode
  • School personalised 'reading diaries' sent home to support parents with quality reading at home 
  • Whole class Guided Reading through VIPERS Y1-6
  • Weekly individual reading to Class Teacher
  • Class stories read to promote enjoyment of reading
  • Story of the week in EYFS to explore topics and new learning 
  • Book corners and visits to School Library to celebrate reading
  • A wide variety and range of high quality texts used across the areas of the curriculum 

How we measure impact:

  • Teachers read weekly with each child and formative assessment used to assess suitability of reading book
  • Targeted children read more often with additional adults which is reviewed at termly Pupil Progress Meetings 
  • Reading book bands assessed half termly
  • Miscue analysis used to assess our focus readers
  • Target Tracker used half termly to monitor progress
  • Independent assessments termly 

 National Tasks and Tests:

  • Reception Baseline test 
  • Year 1 phonics test 
  • (For this year) Year 2 phonics test 
  • Key Stage 1 Reading paper 
  • Key Stage 2 Reading paper  


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Skills Wheels: