At Camps Hill, we ensure our pupils and staff are responsible, competent and safe users of technology. Staff will model positive use regularly throughout our curriculum and equip children with the knowledge and skills needed to confidently use a range of devices, programmes and software for an ever-increasing variety of purposes.

We recognise that this curriculum must be responsive to the changes in technology and risks as an online citizen. Through opportunities in personal development, PSCHE and Safeguarding we explore e-safety with children and their families. 


  • Following the Teach Computing Curriculum.
  • Blocked computing lessons in dedicated Computing Room.
  • Embedding of technology daily across the curriculum through IWB, using search technology, accessing web-based subscriptions, etc.
  • Online subscription to a whole-school remote-learning platform (Tapestry) – used regularly in Pre-School to communicate between school and parents to share progress of in-school and home-learning.
  • Participation of annual e-Safety day with key messages revisited regularly within lessons.
  • Visiting experts brought in to further remind and educate of evolving e-Safety and online dangers.

How we measure impact: 

  • Formative assessment throughout units of work.
  • Summative assessment, annually, using school assessment tracker (Target Tracker)
  • Regular monitoring of e-Safety and online incidents on the school’s communication system (CPOMS).
  • E-safety questionnaires and wellbeing surveys.

Skills Wheels




Progression Map 

Skills Wheels: