Our aim is that the children at Camps Hill leave with a secure understanding about significant people, time periods and events in the past and how this impacts on present life.

Over their time at Camps Hill, we want the children to develop a mental timeline of the past, knowing when different events and periods of time fit in with each other.

We will provide opportunities for  the children to have knowledge about the history of the local area as well as knowing about the history of Britain and the wider world.

The children will develop skills to work out answers and make links with other areas of the curriculum, challenging information sources and drawing conclusions. 

We want the children to develop a lifelong curiosity about the past, using their historical skills to continue to find out about the past and how it impacts on their present and future.


  • Our History progression document ensures the children receive a broad and balanced curriculum, focussing on a range of historical areas of learning, including a progression of skills and historical vocabulary (from Reception to Year 6).
  • We use our skills wheels in every lesson (from EYFS to Year 6) to help the children recognise which skills they are using, ensuring that prior skills are built upon. 
  • History is taught through investigation and enquiry, encouraging children to be 'Historians' and looking at the world through the 'Eyes of a Historian'.
  • Our whole school History 'WoW' days and our class 'Wow' days provide active, first hand experiences for our children. This makes History learning both fun and memorable.
  • Links with local museums give pupils an opportunity to find out about local history, develop a sense of belonging to their community and access quality artefacts and historical evidence. 
  • From September 2024 the key thread of ‘food’ will be introduced across the school. 

  • From September 2024 the teaching of Black History will be included in our progression document to ensure this area of History is taught throughout the year, this will be in addition to a focus in October (Black History Month). 

How we measure impact:

The National Curriculum has been broken down across Key Stage 1 and 2 to ensure that key skills and knowledge are taught. 

At the end of the year, teachers will make judgements about pupil's understanding/application and record these on our assessment system. Pupils will be judged at working towards, at or beyond these age related expectations.

Skills Wheels: