Speaking and Learning


At Camps Hill we aim to develop confident speakers that can listen and share their own opinions and views clearly by providing excellent, clear models for children that demonstrate these key life skills. We give children opportunities throughout their school life to voice their own views and opinions and provide them with the skills to listen and engage in discussions. 


  • Staff provide excellent models for speaking and listening skills
  • Opportunities for children to share their views and experiences
  • Opportunities for children to present and perform within our curriculum and school events
  • Daily application of speaking and listening skills through lesson discussions 
  • Individualised support given to children who need to develop their speaking and listening skills
  • Training for Staff on developing Oracy skills across 2021-22

How we measure impact: 

  • Formative/summative assessments about pupils' application of speaking and listening skills across the year
  • Judgements are tracked on the school's assessment system; Target Tracker

Skills Wheels:

 Speaking & Listening