Art & Design



We believe that every child is an artist and has the potential to produce pieces of art to be proud of. 

At Camps Hill, the curriculum has been designed to teach a range of skills, techniques and, both practical and disciplinary knowledge, across all year groups. We recognise that not all pupils have the resources and opportunity to practice art skills at home. Therefore, our curriculum at school is designed to give children the opportunity to explore, engage, design and have challenge in a range of multimedia. 


As pupils move through the school, they learn about a range of; artists, styles and art/design created in a variety of ways and in a range of media. These have been strategically planned to include artists from the past, and those creating pieces of art in the present day. 




Art is taught in discreet units across the school. The scheme has been written by the art subject leader and progressively builds on knowledge, skills and understanding of the history of Art and Design. In the Early Years, children focus on learning through first hand experiences and play. There are links made with other subject areas if appropriate. 


Teaching and Learning across all phases will include: 


  • skilful use of visual and tactile resources that stimulate pupils’ curiosity early on and sustain their interest throughout individual lessons and units of work
  • high priority given to pupils’ experimentation with ideas and different media, supported by the confident use of teacher modelling
  • creating opportunities for pupil's to plan their work, make mistakes and building upon their learning- developing independent artists.
  • subtle and strategic use of assessment, focused on individual pupils’ progress in developing subject-specific skills, knowledge and understanding
  • reviews of practical work, supported by inspiring examples by other pupils or creative practitioners, showing how to revisit, refine or combine skills
  • linking work of artists with pupil's learning that clearly fascinated them, supports them to make meaningful links and inspires.


How we measure impact:

At the end of each unit, Teachers will assess children's knowledge, understanding and application of skills. This will enable to plan for any gaps in these areas in future units. 


Annually, teachers will make a judgement on whether the child are working towards, at, or exceeding age-related expectations. This is recorded on the school's tracking system. 


The number of children accessing 'Art' Club is monitored to ensure that PPG and SEND children are able to access. 

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Skills Wheels: