Camps Hill Primary School

Meet our Governors


Camps Hill Primary School is part of The Claxton Trust. The Board of Trustees delegates the general responsibility for the effective management of the school to the Local Governing Body, in line with the Scheme of Delegation and Trust Improvement Strategy. The Local Governing Body acts within the framework set by national legislation and the policies of the The Claxton Trust.

Governors help to decide school policy and share responsibility for the management of the school. They advise and support the headteacher and staff, working with the school to meet the needs of the children whilst ensuring that the school provides good value for money. They help the headteacher in the selection of staff and act as a link between the school and the community

If you are interested in being a governor, please contact the school office to find out if we have any vacancies.

If you would like to contact a governor, this can be done through the school office. Letters marked for the attention of a governor will be passed on in confidence.

Link Governors

Each non-teaching governor is attached to a subject. The governor writes to the subject leader they are linked with and gets invited in by the classes to celebrate achievements/join in on WOW events/see displays of work etc. This way, strong links are made between the governors, the school and the children. 


Camps Hill Primary School Governing Body

Name of Governor


Pecuniary Interests

Emma Flawn

Staff/Headteacher Governor

Governor of Stevenage ESC/Trustee for Setpoint

Brother works for Herts Computer Services

Nick Ottaway

Staff Governor

Naomi Norwood

Parent, CLA, Anti-Bullying, Behaviour, PREVENT and Safeguarding Governor


Katrina Walker

Parent Governor


Christine Webb

Co-opted, SEND and Pupil Premium Governor


Claire Kemp

Co-opted/Chair, Pupil Voice, Data Protection and

Equalities Governor 

Employee Hertfordshire County Council

Gordon Rumsey

Vice Chair

 Wife- Camps Hill School Teaching Assistant 

Godfrey Leak




Zoe Fleming

Associate and Deputy Headteacher 

Husband – Mr C Fleming of Fleming Electrical Services

Louise Dolby

Associate, Assistant Headteacher and SENCo


Jenna Andrews

Associate and Assistant Headteacher


Sharon Birkbeck

Associate and Pre School Manager











Staff Governors (2)

Parent Governors (2)


Emma Flawn (Headteacher)

Nick Ottaway 14.12.21 – 14.12.25

Naomi Norwood                                                 30.09.15 – 29.09.23

Katrina Walker                                                    13.07.21 – 12.07.25


Associate Members

Co-opted Governors (8)



Zoe Fleming                                                          25.05.19 – 24.05.23

Louise Dolby                                                         25.05.19 – 24.05.23

Jenna Andrews                                                     07.07.15 – 06.07.23

Sharon Birkbeck                                                   08.09.16 - 07.09.24


Gordon Rumsey                                                 02.11.17 – 01.11.25

Chris Webb                                                         11.10.18 – 10.10.22

Godfrey Leak                                                      22.04.21 – 21.04.25




Chris Webb

Safeguarding / CLA / Anti-Bullying / Behaviour / PREVENT

Naomi Norwood 

Pupil Premium

Chris Webb / Gordon Rumsey

Sports Premium

Early Years


Pupil Voice

Claire Kemp

Data Protection

Claire Kemp / Gordon Rumsey 


Claire Kemp

Health & Safety





Governors Code of Conduct

Governors are responsible for governing the school. Most of their work takes place out of school hours, but governors often visit the school and are linked with particular classes. Each governor is also linked to a particular subject.

As part of the Governor's role to support school improvement all Governors  are linked to a school improvement priority.


Governor Subject

Please contact the Chair of Governors if you require any advice or you wish to discuss any issues or concerns you may have. Contact with all governors is via the School Office.


Governor Attendance

Ap=Apologies                      Ab=Absent, no apologies received                   L=Arrived later in the meeting






Chells Way, Stevenage, Herts SG2 0LT

01438 233800