New to Reception September 2024

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3. Responsible Use Agreement.pdf .pdf
4. Admission Form Parent Support Document.pdf .pdf
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Parent Links 

The School Grid (School meal booking system)

Parent Arbor (booking of clubs, trips, view pupil profile, reports and attendance) or alternatively download their app.

Parent Arbor Consents

Parental Consents: Complete the below Parent Arbor consent requests. These will display at the top of Arbor Student page. Consent is not obtained for individual/class group professional school pictures that parents purchase. Parents will need to advise in writing if they do not want these taken.

Whole school: GDPR: Pupil Photographs (External Use) Consent for child’s image to be used on school website, social media, for marketing, shared on Seesaw/ Tapestry/background of other photos
Whole school: GDPR: Pupil Photographs (Internal Use) Consent for child’s image to be used on Individual Learning journey/Lesson books containing pupil photographs, Internal Displays
Whole School: Consent to Provide Intimate Care Consent for child to receive help changing soiled/wet clothing, toileting support, hygiene and applying nappy cream (if applicable) on a non-regular/ad hoc basis. New Reception parents should ensure children have begun toilet independence at home/ learning to dress with support (e.g. using pull up trousers/Velcro shoes). Preschool/ Nursery children should have a fresh nappy before the start of their session and will be changed if soiled.
Year 5/6 only: Child Going Home Arrangements Consent for Years 5 and 6 children to walk home from school
Year 5/6 only: Personal Mobile Phones Consent to Years 5 and 6 children to bring a mobile phone to school.


Going Home Arrangements

Once you have access to your Parent Arbor account, you will need to update adults that have permission to collect your child from school. To do this, go to “Family, Guardians, & Contacts”. In this section you can add names and state whether they permission to collect your child from school. You can add multiple contacts. Your child will not be released to any adult who does not appear on this list. Unfamilair adults on the list will need to bring photo ID. The minimum age of a person who can collect is 16 years old.

Intimate Care/Medical Needs/Allergies- Regular ongoing basis (not ad hoc)

If your child needs regular support with toileting, eating, and/or changing clothes, please speak to the school office so an Intimate Care Plan can be created. If your child has any long-term medical needs that require management/ emergency response, you must complete a Medical Care Plan in advance of their start date.


If your child needs regular medication whilst at school a Medical Care Plan and/or Medicine form will be required. Camps Hill staff will only be able to issue medicine that has been prescibed by a GP to your child, such as antibiotics. This also includes paracetamol.