Our School Library


Children can access our school library on a daily basis if they wish. We have a selection of fiction and non fiction books - we are also launching a new media library, watch this space!


Meet our librarians...



Dylan - Year 6  Yusuf - Year 6

 Ebony - Year 4                                                                                                  Sammi Jo - Year 4 

Each Year Group has an assigned author, during the year they focus on the work of that author and theme their learning in English around their books. Children have the opportunity to win a 'Golden Ticket' when they take out a book from the library, these are hidden inside some of our books. If they are lucky enough to discover one, they are asked to write a book review and their picture is displayed on our Golden Ticket Display!

"Take a Chance on Me!" - These are books in a bag, children are encouraged to read a short synopsis on the story and then borrow the book which is hidden in a brown paper bag!


We celebrate World Book Day annually, children take part by dressing up as one of their favourite characters....Watch this space for more information on this event!