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Chells Way, Stevenage, Herts SG2 0LT

Camps Hill Primary School

Meet the Camps Hill Team

Senior Leadership

Mrs Flawn


Mental Health Lead

Senior DSP 

Mrs Fleming

Deputy Headteacher


Mrs Andrews 

Assistant Headteacher

EYFS and KS1 Leader


Mrs Duggan

Assistant Headteacher

KS2 Leader



Mrs Dolby

Assistant Headteacher

Inclusion Manager

Autism Lead




Mrs Johnson

Business Manager








Admin Office


Mrs Denchfield

Finance Manager


Mrs Cotte

Office Manager


Mrs Hood

Admin Support




Miss Wells

Admin Support


Mr O'Sullivan

IT and Admin Support



Mrs Hadley

Reception - Bees


Ms Gunther

Reception - Ladybirds

PE Subject Leader

Mr Ottaway

Year 1 - Dormice

KS1 Leader


Mrs Richardson

Year 1 - Voles

Mrs Pyne

Year 2 - Robins




Miss Jarvis

Year 2 - Kingfishers

Music Leader



Miss Newbury

Year 3 - Hedgehogs

English Leader 



Mrs Blow

Year 3 - Squirrels

PLT PPG Leader



Mrs Hajdarmataj

Year 4 - Badgers

RE Leader 

Miss Elliott

Year 4 - Otters





Mrs Ranson

Year 5 - Dolphins

PLT LKS2 Leader




Mr Betts

Year 5 - Seals

MFL Leader

Mr Boxall

Year 6 - Owls 

PLT UKS2 Leader

Miss Knight

Year 6 - Kestrels 








Mrs Sarll

Humanities Subject


Forest School Leader


Mrs Webb

Learning Support 

SEND Support Teacher



 Mrs Nice  

Art Subject Leader



Mrs Neale

Class Teacher

ICT Leader



Miss Everington

 Nursery - Teacher






Teaching Assistants


Miss McKivett

Camps Hill Nursery



Mrs Matthews

Camps Hill Nursery



Mrs Wise

Camps Hill Nursery

Mrs Hurrell

Key Worker

Reception 1:1 support


Mrs Sanders





Miss Samuels

Camps Hill Nursery 1:1 Support




Mrs Harris




Mrs Ambrose

 Year 1


Miss Reeves

Year 1

Afterschool Club Assistant



Miss Day

Year 2

Afterschool Club Assistant





Mrs Bolton

Year 2


Mrs Gentle

Year 3

KS2 MSA Supervisor

Pastoral support


Mrs Clark

 Year 3



Miss Smith

Year 4



Miss Shaw

 Year 4







Mrs Filler

 Year 5


Miss Mead

Year 5

Afterschool Club Manager



Mrs Streets

 Year 6



Miss Hatton

Year 6

SEND Assistant



Mr Mehmood

Support Worker
Breakfast Club Assistant









Miss Edgar

Physical Education
Learning Team












Pastoral Care/Nurture Adults




Mrs Richardson

Ms Smith



NON Teaching Staff


Mr Naughton

Facilities and Site Manager

Miss Kelly

 Premises Assistant

Mrs Day

Breakfast Club Manager

Teaching Assistant

Site Supervisor

Miss Squire

Breakfast Club Assistant

KS1 MSA Supervisor







 Mrs Bowler

Breakfast Club Assistant


Cleaner Supervisor









Mr De Luca

IT Technician - InTermIT  






Mrs Challis




Mrs Wearn





Mrs Rumsey


 Year 2 - Teaching Assistant








Miss Fitter



Mrs Lawrence


Mrs Cornell





Acorns Pre-School



 Mrs Birkbeck

Centre Manager



Miss Brown

Senior Key Worker


Mrs Shirley

Key Worker


Mrs Tozer

Key Worker - Nursery


Miss West

   Key Worker   



Miss Tew

Key Worker