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Camps Hill Primary School

Curriculum Overview

At Camps Hill, we run two curriculums alongside one another: Our 'Academic Curriculum' where an enquiry-based approach allows us to apply skills first-hand , and our 'Life skills/Value based Curriculum' called our 'Golden and Silver threads'. These 'threads' underpin the academic curriculum and enable your child to develop the character to succeed not only at Camps Hill, but in life.


Golden threads

At Camps Hill, we have developed our “Golden Threads Curriculum” which runs alongside the National Curriculum. Our 10 Golden Threads are key life skills, and values, that we believe should be developed alongside the academic curriculum, such as emotional intelligence and positive leaving behaviours. Our weekly award assemblies celebrate the children’s achievements in these areas.


Underlying our Golden Threads is our growth-mind set approach; this means we believe we can improve our abilities with practice, effort and persistence. We want our children to understand that it is okay to be stuck, and that some of their best learning occurs when they find things the hardest. Rather than simply praising success we praise effort and persistence. We encourage children to apply their skills to different areas of the curriculum; rather than focus on moving to the ‘next level’, Pupils are familiar with their ‘next step’ learning targets as a way of ensuring maximum opportunity for progress which are displayed in their books and used in marking and feedback.


Silver Threads

Our silver threads are taught every half-term in order for our children to develop their independence now and for the future. These are basic life skills that are applicable to the age of the child and encourage independence. They include being able to sew on a badge, tie a bandage or even make a meal.